About Us

Embrand helps businesses grow by driving their brands for measurable financial gains.

Embrand was setup in India in 1996. Its processes, developed through research and application over these 15 years, have been successfully deployed in the consumer durables domain for Maruti-Suzuki, Honda, Escorts, Sony and Yamaha in India and, more recently, for the VW-AUDI-Porsche group, Kia-Hyundai, VLCC, Choithrams, and others, in UAE. Some of these cases feature at our Case Studies Section within this website. Click here to read them.

Unlike conventional Brand communications companies that focus on logo designs, brand names, advertising positioning, etc. to create awareness of the brand, Embrand drives brands through product innovations – identifying opportunities for new products (including services), guiding their development process, and mentoring their growth.

The reason for Embrand’s focus on products is simple – Positive product experiences of users generate credible endorsements for non-users, thereby creating revenues, and the business, of the brand.

The metaphor of a tree is apt here – If a brand is a tree, Embrand helps grow the tree, not just manipulate its shadow.