Embrand sees this era, which some term as an economic crisis, as a cusp of economic history, where the balance of economic power is slowly tilting to the East.

It is an opportunity for established brands from the G7 to go beyond seeing the brand as a label, logo or name, and meet a whole new set of needs with products and services



BRAND DIRECTION FOR FARMTRAC. In the early 1990’ s, the Ford Motor Company took a policy decision to focus its FORD brand on the passenger car and light-truck products only. As a part of this strategy, it decided to: Sell its global cargo truck and agri-machinery...

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“Embrand’s Manoj Berry worked with VLCC to create the brand’s roots in its first overseas market, the UAE, by identifying the product best suited for UAE’s affluent residents – weight-loss management. Then, by aligning all business processes to it and implementing a series of strategic and tactical measures he turned the venture profitable.”

– Mukesh Luthra, Chairman, VLCC Group

“As head of HTA’s team on the Hero group’s business, Manoj conceived the Ranger All-Terrain Bike, and then used it as both the medium and the message of a unique campaign for the Hero brand. This strategy did what advertising could not – make Hero Cycles the most aspirational bicycle brand in India, and thereby increased its trade margins.”

– S.K. Rai, Managing Director (Works), Hero Cycles Ltd

“Embrand conceptualized two Made-for-and-in-India products – YZF R15 and FZ16 – to restore India’s faith in the Yamaha brand, and reverse its declining market share. These bikes did exactly this – despite being priced 30% above rivals, and promoted with just showroom displays. YZF R15 also proved successful in S.E. Asia, USA and EC.”

– A.V. Srinivasan, Sr. V.P. & Director, Yamaha India. (2004-05)

Made in India, Designed for the World

One strong brand can be the pillar of an entire economy – as was Acer for Taiwan in the 1990’s, and Nokia for Finland later. These brands also helped make “Made in Taiwan”, and “Made in Finland” labels that consumers across the world respect, and every product from these countries reaps the reward.

Building a brand is a more arduous task than manufacturing products for other people’s brands, but the rewards are greater, and more sustainable. While India and China may have more millionaires, Acer and Nokia have contributed hugely to creating standards of living for their nation’s entire populace.

This is the inspiration behind Embrand’s latest initiative, “Made in India, Designed for the World”.

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